My Journey

Dr Victoria Murphy is passionate about learning, safety, and data. Those interests can be seen through-out her educational and professional adventures.


My qualifications reflect my passions, with Master’s degrees from Durham University, UK in Mechanical Engineering and from the Univeristy of Jyväskylä, Finland in Education. I combined these two interests through a PhD in Learning From Incidents.

Through my education I gained knowledge on the learning sciences, an engineer’s systematic approach to problems, and a critical understanding of data.

Work in tech

While my current work tends to be with high-risk industries, I began my career working in the tech sector. I spent some years at Google in working in the learning operations team. While getting my Master’s in Education, I gained experience of the other side of tech by working at a start-up that was developing an app to teach English to Japanese learners.

Working in tech gave me the ability to adapt to any kind of organisation and the ability to apply theories on learning to real-world situations

Work with high-risk industries

My PhD was sponsered by the Energy Institute and I am forever thankful that I started to think about what is possibly the most important application of learning theories: learning after incidents, accidents and near-misses. The impact of this in high-risk industries can literally save lives. Initially as an academic researcher, and now as an independent consultant, I have continued to work with companies to help make the world a little safer.

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