Measuring Learning in Workplaces

How do you solve a problem like measuring learning? In schools, the traditional answer has been to give students a test. I’m a firm believer that tests have a time and place within education, but not necessarily in all the times and places that they’re often used. They’re great for giving students the opportunity toContinue reading “Measuring Learning in Workplaces”

What we have learnt about tackling COVID-19 so far?

The British government currently faces a tough question: should they prioritise the economy and keep businesses open, or should they prioritise safety and enforce a strict lockdown? Their ultimate responsibility is to the well-being of the people, but does that mean protecting the UK residents’ current health or their future prospects? It is a toughContinue reading “What we have learnt about tackling COVID-19 so far?”

Is Finland really an educational paradise?

I am lucky to have had first hand experience of several of the world’s most highly rated educational systems: as a primary, secondary and university student in the UK, a university exchange student in Singapore, a teacher in Japan, and a university student in Finland.   PISA is undoubtedly the most recognised national ranking forContinue reading “Is Finland really an educational paradise?”

Education for all, and for all a good night

A month or two ago it was accidentally let slip by the British government that they intend to bring back grammar schools. This has been a controversial decision so I wanted to consider write a bit about them. However, I feel it important to note that I am personally against grammar schools, so this blogContinue reading “Education for all, and for all a good night”

The World’s Hardest Language

Although learning languages at school was never something that I enjoyed I have since taken quite an interest in them. While living in Japan I undertook the task of learning the local language, gaining conversational ability. Since leaving school I’ve also taken classes in Mandarin, Finnish and Spanish. It’s well known that some languages areContinue reading “The World’s Hardest Language”

The Placebo Effect and Education

How do you measure learning? What do you want a participant to walk away with after attending training? These are questions that educational researchers have been considering for a long time. Often when researchers want to see how effective some kind of educational intervention has been they will give students a test. It’s quantifiable andContinue reading “The Placebo Effect and Education”