As a consultant who still has strong ties to academia, I feel obliged to include a page on my publications. As a researcher whose work has practical implications for the high-risk industries, I’ve engaged with a variety of different outlets with the aim of reaching as wide an audience as possible.

Media Outlets

Coronavirus is no longer seen as high risk by many – and that’s undermining control measures

This article in The Conversation takes lessons on safety from high-risk industries and compared them to different approaches that countries around the world were taking to tackle COVID-19

Professional Outlets

Lessons from the energy sector when learning from incidents, accidents, and mistakes

This article is not freely available but was published in the Journal of Occupational Health [at Work] and succinctly summarises some of the main strengths of the energy sector’s learning from incidents process. If interested contact me at to request a copy.

Reflecting on incidents: Barriers and tactics

This article published in Petroleum Review is also not freely available, but a summary of its main ideas are in this video by the Open University and the Energy Institute.

Where does information on incidents come from?

How do you know if you’re learning from incidents?

These two papers were published in the proceedings of the Society of Petroleum Engineer’s 2018 International Conference and Exhibition on Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility. Free versions are now available from the Open University’s archieves.

Academic Outlets

For a current list of my academic publications see my Google Scholar profile. However, freely available academic publications relevant to my work as a consultant are:

Learning from incidents: applying the 3-P model of workplace learning

Learning From Incidents And Implementing Action: Exploring Expectations And
Contradictions In The Energy Sector

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