Dr Victoria Murphy has experience of working across sectors and countries. Shes uses a combination of established academic expertise and years of consultancy experience to support your business in finding solutions that work for you.


As a consultant I combine academic insights with real world experience to help you find solutions that work for your organisation. Email for a free initial consultation on any of the following:

  • Incident learning
  • Organisational learning
  • Data strategies
  • Data literacy for leaders

Incident Learning

I am a published author and world expert on how to learn from incidents. Regardless of your industry, unexpected events are chance to grow both individuals and organisational systems. I can help you map out your current system, evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, put in place measures to evaluate if it’s working and get the most out of your efforts.

Organisational learning

While organisations don’t learn in the same way as people, knowledge is contained in the heads of your employees, in your procedures and protocols, and even in the routines people unconsciously have established in their work. All of this knowledge can be grown and devloped with the right institutional supports. I will help you identify opportunities to create a learning organisation.

Data strategies

It’s more important than ever for organisations to make the most out of their data. However, data comes in many forms and each has limitations. I can help you to identify what kind of data will be more beneficial for your organisation.

Data literacy for leaders

Leaders often don’t need to analyse data but they do need to understand it. I offer coaching on understanding both quantiative and qualitative data in context. One of the key principles of data literacy is also being able to identify when you don’t have any data to make informed decisions. I work with leaders to develop strategies for these situations when making uncertain decisions.

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