Safety is everyone’s responsibility. However, the skills needed to create a safe workplace differ depending on a person’s role in the company. The services I provide are specially tailored to bolster the skills needed at each level.

Senior Leaders

As the author of the Energy Institute and Stichting Tripod Foundation’s guidelines on how to effectively engage leadership after an incident, I understand how senior leaders can maximise the value of incidents. I offer one-to-one coaching for leaders to develop incident-related leadership skills as well as workshops designed to bring multiple senior leaders together to craft a vision for your organisations’ safety.

Health and Safety Managers

Health and safety managers need to ensure that the correct systems and procedures are in place to allow them to succeed at their job. I offer a variety of interactive workshops that will deep dive into how learning from incidents is done in your organisation. A facilitator guide for my workshop on Measuring Learning is part of the Energy Institute’s Hearts and Minds Toolkit, and be accessed for free here.

I offer workshops on the following topics:

  • Measuring learning from incidents
  • Incident systems and processes
  • Better Insights from a single incident
  • Agile approaches to implementing incident recommendations
  • Human-centred skills for incident investigators

All workshops will be tailored to your individual aims and circumstances.

I also offer a systems and skills audit, which will identify best practices and areas for improvement in your company

Front-line Supervisors

In my academic research I identified front-line supervisors as some of the most important people in the learning from incidents process. In many companies front-line supervisors lead their teams through learning without receiving any training on facilitation. I offer both workshops, to train front-line supervisors in easy to use techniques for Toolbox Talks and similar, as well some shorter sessions to guide groups of supervisors in sustainably supporting each other in being champions of learning from incidents.

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